Welcome to Alexander Adaire Elementary School!

Dear Adaire Community,

Being the leader of a K-8 Elementary School requires me to be really clear, on a daily and sometimes hourly basis, about priorities.  The vision of Adaire School is to collaboratively and cooperatively create an effective and comprehensive educational program designed to meet the academic, social and emotional needs of all students, cultivating them to become responsible and productive citizens in a culturally diverse society. Our mission is to provide the opportunity for every child to be successful academically and socially.  The vision and mission must lead our work. The vision and mission are the starting points for all other priorities, including our goal of becoming a Blue Ribbon School over the next five years.

This fall we are working with our Children’s Literacy Initiative Coach and our Jounce Partners Math Coach to better support teachers with the delivery of literacy and math lessons.  We are also working with a Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Coach and focusing on implementing the Second Step Social and Emotional Learning curriculum throughout classrooms. The first part of this work has been to have “Morning Meetings” at least once a week in each classroom and begin to use and understand a common SEL language.

The entire team has an on-going focus on attendance as well.  We look at attendance and late arrival or early dismissal on a daily basis.  With the support of our School-Based Teacher Leader we are able to follow the district’s attendance protocols.  All absences must be followed up with a note from the parent/guardian when the student returns to school. 3 or more consecutive absences require a medical note.  After 3 or more “unexcused” absences the district will send a note home to the parent or guardian. After 6 or more “unexcused” absences the parent or guardian will be required to meet with the Adaire staff.  And after 10 or more “unexcused” absences the parent or guardian will be referred to the Department of Human Services (DHS) for truancy. Additional details about attendance can be found in our School Handbook.  We take attendance very seriously here at Adaire.  Students in school, on time every day, is the only way we can have an impact.

I am grateful to every family who is supporting the work of Adaire becoming Blue Ribbon with excellent attendance, on-time arrivals, reading with their children every night and keeping communication open.  I continue to be excited about the school year and look forward to a productive winter!

With Gratitude,

Principal Anna Jenkins


Dear Adaire Community:

Diversity is deeply welcomed in our school community.  We work to support diversity and a culture of inclusion and to ensure that everyone feels safe at our school.  We believe that the expanding diversity of the neighborhood is part of Adaire’s success.

I encourage all members of our school community to do their part to support diversity of all kinds and foster respect for others. In doing so, we will ensure that Adaire is a community that seeks and receives the best from all of us.  I am always available, in person, via email or phone, to discuss this work and support any of our families.


Anna Jenkins




Kindergarten Registration for the 2020-2021 school year opens on January 27, 2020.

Incomplete Registration packets WILL NOT be accepted. Please make sure you complete all portions of the packet. We can NOT accept any registrations until January 27, 2020. Please view the Registration Packet below and the Kindergarten FAQ for any questions. If you are unable to find an answer in those documents, please reach out to Principal Jenkins at ajenkins@philasd.org.

Anyone WITHIN the catchment zone can complete the Registration Packet (above) and submit on January 27th.