School Policies & Regulations

Students should abide by the following school policies and regulations:

Uniform Requirements

All students wear the required uniform.  It is mandated by City Regulations as well as School Board Regulations. Students are expected to wear uniforms every day, unless there is an exception being made school wide.  The uniform policy will be strictly enforced. Students who persistently fail to dress for school as required may be subjected to disciplinary sanctions.

  • The uniform consists of a light blue polo style shirt or light blue dress shirt or Adaire approved/logo’ed  t-shirt, and khaki pants, skirts, jumpers or shorts. On gym days the uniform can be an Adaire or navy blue T-shirt, and navy blue sweatpants or shorts.  On gym day students may wear the gym uniform all day – they will not be changing.
  • Cold weather clothing accessories, including sweaters, vests, sweatshirts or turtlenecks should be solid navy blue or an item sold through the school.  For example we sometimes have royal blue sweatshirts with the Adaire logo for sale. Neckties, tights and socks may be of any color or pattern you wish. And footwear should be comfortable with a closed toe and back.  Sneakers must be worn on gym days.

***The school logo or school approved image  is the only graphic permitted on clothing.***


  • Decorations – i.e. strips, checks, non-Adaire approved logos, sequins, etc.
  • Blue Jean material
  • Hoodies
  • Flip flops, sandals, slides or any type of open front or back footwear


Dress Down Fridays – if you wish, your child may dress down (out of uniform) on most Fridays.  There is a $2 fee. Unless it is a half day, then the fee is $1. This money goes toward the student activity fund and is collected by the teacher.  This typically begins the first Friday in October.