2021-2022 Kindergarten Registration

Kindergarten Registration for the 2021-2022 school year OPENS on January 19th, 2021. Parents can register in two ways.

  1. Online Registration here
  2. Paper Registration here: Adaire Registration Packet 2021-2022

If you choose the paper registration option this will need to be uploaded and emailed to OR dropped to the Adaire school office. Monday – Friday from 8:00 am – 11:00 am.

Incomplete Packets WILL NOT be accepted. No packets will be accepted before January 19th, 2021.

2020-2021 Information:

Parents can log into the Parent Portal to view their student’s schedules, grades, and so much more. Click here to view instructions on how to set up your account.

Please check the school calendar regularly for updates on school closures and dates the building will be open.

The 2020 Census is more important now than ever. A complete and accurate count could provide Philadelphia billions of dollars to help support special education programming, school meals, and health and housing support for students and their families. Please visit to complete the Census and learn how you can help others do the same!


Attendance MATTERS! Strive for 95!

Attendance During Digital Learning:

  • School attendance policies will be followed.
  • Students are expected to attend Google Meet or Zoom meetings and classroom assignments between the hours of 8:36am and 3:15pm, Monday through Friday, excluding Holidays.
  • Students will be counted as absent if they do not participate in activities or meetings during the school day hours.
  • Any student not attending sessions before 10:30am will be counted as having a half day absence.
  • Any student not attending sessions after 1:00pm will be counted as having half day absence.
  • If students must be absent or leave early for appointments please email a note to their classroom teacher or Secretary Marybeth Sgrillo. A note is needed to excuse an absence, but not all absences will be deemed excusable.

Illegal absences are in violation of the compulsory attendance provision of the public school code of laws of Pennsylvania.
If your child is 6 years old or in grades K-3 and has 10 illegal/unexcused absences you as the parent may be referred to the Department of Human Services (DHS) for truancy.
If your child is in grades 4-8 you may be referred to Truancy court.  If your child is referred to DHS or Truancy court, a DHS agency provider will be assigned to your case and will begin home visits.  You are encouraged to improve your child’s attendance.
Under Pennsylvania law, all students must attend school, every day.


Never miss an assignment or event again with the RemindApp!
Sign up for the RemindApp and always know what’s happening in your child’s class!

Directions: Send a Text to 81010 with the word “join” and your class code as the message Or join at and type in the class code OR use remind app on Apple and Samsung devices and type in the code.

Grade and Room NumberTeacher NameRemind Code
Principal - OfficeAnna Jenkins@9gh3f
Kindergarten - Rm. 104Tiffany Choi@choi104
Kindergarten - Rm. 106Damian Snipper@Adaire106
Kindergarten - Rm. 109Tanya Rice@mrsrice202
First Grade - Rm. 100Anna Nigro@48c8872
First Grade - Rm. 102Brooke White
First Grade - Rm. 103Katie Maguire@103202
Second Grade - Rm. 101Kim Beall@fh3kg8
Second Grade - Rm. 105Brittiney Boyle@abge43
Second Grade - Rm.209Kevin Price@e2dk4k
Third Grade - Rm. 208Chris McGinniss@2ff2fd
Third Grade - Rm. 210Jen Torban@6a8fes
Fourth Grade - Rm. 214Susan Himelfarb214 - @shimel
200 - @himel200
Fourth Grade - Rm. 200Abby Segal200 - @hr200math
214 - @hr214math
5th/6th ELA - Rm. 205
Fifth Homeroom
Linda Levant5th - @83c3fcd
6th - @29k839
5th/6th Math- Rm. 209
Sixth Homeroom
Ashley Tarasevich5th - @7226gdd
6th - @ea37bk
5th/Sixth ScienceVictoria Lam5th - @k9eb82
6th - @6cahc9
7th/8th Math - Rm. 202
Seventh Homeroom
Rachel Geller7th - @2027th
8th - @kgg44g
7th/8th SS/SCI - Rm. 204
Seventh Homeroom
William McGeehan7th - @mrmcgeehan
8th - @a9kaaf
7th/8th ELA - Rm. 201
Eighth Homeroom
Jessica Olavage7th - @fec44k
8th - @hc428e6
K-3rd SPED InstructorBrendan Rowley@mrrowleyr
3-6th SPED InstructorChristine Shultice-TustinEmail Preferred
7-8th SPED InstructorElisabeth Hailu@hailu78
STEM InstructorAdam LewisKindergarten - @aastemk
1st grade - @aastem1
2nd grade - @aastem2
3rd grade - @aastem3
4th grade - @aastem4
5th grade - @aastem5
6th grade - @aastem6
7th grade - @aastem7
8th grade - @aastem8
Music InstructorMelissa SchepersK-3 - @he9db3
4-5 - @e63eh7
6-8 - @7d84add
Gym/Health InstructorJeff Meile@4gbbbdg
Art InstructorCharlene Lutz@293ga